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About Atelier Eli

Atelier Eli is distinctive and definitively modern.

This leather-maker is all about balance. Balancing a traditional craft with a modern aesthetic, and balancing classic leather with other unique materials. Founded in 2015 by Maggie Li, Atelier Eli is a home-based business that’s known for impeccable leather goods that are both functional, and fashionable. 

Maggie is dedicated to the highest quality craftsmanship to re-invigorate the traditional craft and make it her own (or rather, your own). Using only the best local and sustainable materials to make a picturesque design come to life, you are sure to walk away with something special. 

Each piece is designed and handmade by Maggie herself. She brings intent and a high standard to her work, to not only create a special piece for you or a loved one, but to highlight the uniqueness and beauty of the materials themselves.

These pieces aren’t made for trends, they’re made for occasions. 

Whether you’d like something for shopping, an elegant accessory for a night out or something small for everyday use, Atelier Eli covers it all. But Atelier Eli is more than just its product range. Maggie strives to make sure you have the piece of your dreams for years to come. From hand-stitching details, to elegant customizations and even some commissions, you won’t have to worry about losing your phone, or wear and tear when you throw that bag over your shoulder. These are things that are considered when you place your order. 

So don’t expect a ‘fast fashion,’ trendy bag to be replaced next season, Atelier Eli is worth the wait.

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